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How it Works

Through the MDA Fill the Boot program, fire fighters go above and beyond the call of duty. Each year, more than 100,000 fire fighters hit the streets asking citizens in their community to make a donation to MDA, helping them fill their boot with contributions.

Easy steps to organize your Fill the Boot drive:

  1. Sign up online or with your MDA staff contact

  2. Choose a member to coordinate and download the Fill the Boot Guidebook for planning details

  3. Set the dates and secure the locations for your event

  4. Set a fundraising goal for your event

  5. Use the Fill the Boot resources to generate publicity in your community

  6. Enjoy your event, be safe and have fun filling the boots

Interested in starting a Fill the Boot drive in your community or getting involved again?

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MDA staff are dedicated to supporting you and your event, including providing all promotional materials, resources and supplies needed for your event.