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Virtual Fill the Boot

Virtual Fill the Boot is the perfect complement to offer a cashless donation option for a store front or intersection collections. You can also use Virtual Fill the Boot if you are unable to collect at a store front or intersection. This toolkit will help you navigate executing a Virtual Fill the Boot with your Local.

Click on the Get Started button below to find your local’s website. Most locals already have a website set up. If you cannot find your site, please contact your MDA staff rep.

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Appeal Video

Make Your Own Video! - We encourage you to consider making your own video. For help, please reference these video instructions.

Website Toolkit

  1. How to Participate in Virtual Fill the Boot

  2. Visit the Virtual Fill the Boot Website:

  3. How to Add a Live Stream to your Fundraising Page

  4. How to Increase Donations and Customize Your Page

  5. If a community member wants to help spread the word, share How to Help Fire Fighters Fill the Boot

  6. We urge you to make a QR Code using your local URL for Virtual Fill the Boot

  7. We encourage locals to have fun and engage your local community in fundraising efforts. Consider adding personalized donation incentives & milestones. (i.e. For every $50 donation, do 50 push-ups)

  8. Once you are logged in to your website, you can follow the instructions on the site to set up a Facebook Fundraiser.