Special Events

For 67 years fire fighters across the country have partnered with MDA either by participating in our signature Fill the Boot program or by conducting a fundraising event tailored to their local/department or a combination of both. Traditional Fill the Boot may not be possible for your department this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create another event to raise vital funds and awareness for MDA.

This toolkit has everything you need for your local/department to successfully implement a special event for MDA in your community. Each of these types of events create a fun way to engage fellow fire fighters, community leaders, local businesses, family and friends all while raising money to support MDA.

Note: while some of these options are designed with social distancing guidelines in mind, we ask that you adhere to local public health guidelines and focus on safety for everyone involved.

Regardless of the event that you chose,
you will find these documents helpful:

Special Event Options

Donation Letter Templates

Deposit Instructions

Rooftop Rescue

Fire fighters camp out on a rooftop to raise money for MDA (rain or shine) and come down once the fundraising goal is achieved or after a pre-determined number of hours. Donations are collected by lowering a boot on a rope from the rooftop, through a Virtual Fill the Boot website, or through a Text to Give platform.

Social Media Graphics

Fire Engine Pull

is a fun way to unite local members, firefighters, businesses, community leaders and citizens in a friendly competition. This is typically a one-day event where teams of 10 compete by pulling a fully loaded fire truck/engine 12 feet in the fastest time. This event also can feature a full line of family/community targeted attractions if desired or is held at a venue/event that is already established in your community.

DIY Sporting Events

Select the sporting event of your choice and recruit friends, family, and coworkers to be team captains. Each team will fundraise before the event.